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Technical Services

Acer provides customers with one-stop factory service, from sample testing and design to equipment customization, debugging and production.

Acer helps customers solve all kinds of common problems in the process of factory building, such as budget overrun, construction delay, substandard process equipment, impreciseness of recovery benefits, buck-passing and wrangle of manufacturers, ambiguity of after-sale obligations, etc.

Acer provides numerous small and medium mines with material processing solutions that save trouble, effort and money, leading the trend of service. Since its establishment, Acer has provided projects of the total package up to more than 400 at home and abroad.

In the construction:responsible, clear and guaranteed

After the construction:achieving standard, production targets, efficiency

Engineering consultation allows customers to get a general understanding of the project, including value evaluation, useful elements, available technology, construction scale, necessary equipment and probable duration.

Mineral processing experiment is the basis of the total package and offers "the test report", which provides an important theoretical basis for the subsequent design, equipment selection, etc.

Acer Design Institute will make an all-around Overall design for customers’ mines, including investigating site construction conditions, making "Feasibility Study Report", "Preliminary Design Report", etc.

Equipment manufacturing is divided into two parts, including civil engineering and equipment manufacturing. The two parts will be carried out at the same time. Acer plant will bear full responsibility for equipment manufacturing. The experienced technicians sent out by Acer to the scene will be in charge of civil engineering, guiding the construction team perform project construction.

Installation and debugging are the key of the total package, including equipment packaging, shipping, site installation and debugging, which helps achieving test, plant design and equipment manufacturing, having a direct bearing on reaching standard and production targets.

Workers training will be carried out with the installation and debugging at the same time, saving time-cost for customers. On the one hand, workers training allows the plant chosen from customers to be put into production as soon as possible, resulting in economic benefit. On the other hand, training a technical team will guarantee customers normal operation of the plant.

Reaching standards and production targets include attaining the expected recovery, reaching designed capacity of production, meeting the requirements of product quality and the consumption indexes, effectively controlling the cost of production, stable operating process equipment.