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Rotary Dryer

HONGJI owns 40 years experience in the production of rotary dryer. With the ISO9001-2008/IQNET quality system certificate, we offer the guarantee for the machine for one year with installation, testing, training supply etc.

1. This rotary dryer is characterized by big capacity with lower energy consumption.
2. It is designed with reasonable structure and generates less pollution.
3. Competitive price but high output.
4. The rotary dryer rotates smooth and is easy to operate.

1. Designed with reasonable arrangement with changeable angles in order, the raw material plate will throw moisture materials into the rotary cylinder.
2. Then water will be separated from the materials by hot air-flow and discharged into the atmosphere as water vapor. Then the materials would be dried.

Sludge dryer is used for drying sludge with a certain humidity or granularity. Rotary dryer has a strong adaptability of materials and it can dry various materials. As a result of its simple and liable operation, it is used widely.

Export countries
India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ecuador, Iran, Pakistan, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and areas.

Technical Parameters
Specifications(m) Capacity(t/h) Main motor Main gear box Weight(t)
Power(kw) Model Model Rotated speed
ø1.2*10 2.5 7.5 Y160M-R3 ZL50-16-I ----- 13.5
ø1.5*12 3.3-4.9 10 Y160L-6-B3 JZQ500-III-2F ----- 18.9
ø1.5*15 4-6 18.5 Y200L1-6 JZQ500-III-2F ----- 21
ø1.8*12 4-6 18.5 Y160L-6 ZQ50-16II-2 16.46 22.83
ø2.2*12 7-12 18.5 Y200L7-6 JZQ650-II 31.5 37.6
ø2.2*14 7-12 22 Y200L7-6 JZQ650-III 31.5 40
ø2.2*16 12 30 Y225M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 45
ø2.4*14 12 30 Y250M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 51
ø2.4*18 10-13 37 Y250M-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54
ø2.4*20 10-14 37 Y250N-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54.1
ø3*20 25 55 Y250M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 78
ø3*25 32-36 75 YR280M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 104.9
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